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  • Hospitals

    Introducing speech recognition will reduce the amount of text produced in the typing service. Experience indicates that the amount of clerical work is reduced by 20–25%.

  • General Practitioners

    Max Manus offers Cloud-based speech recognition to doctors and clinics in private practices

  • Legal Market

    An efficient dictation solution will free up resources, giving you more time to focus on law in your capacity as a lawyer

Speech recognition on tablets and smartphones

Speech recognition on tablets and smartphones

Max Manus can now offer speech recognition on tablets and smartphones, so you can use speech recognition anytime and anywhere. Your speech recognition profile can be used on all your devices. Our goal is to provide mobility in speech recognition  by offering intuitive navigation and recording of text/data via a combination of touch and voice.


All our customers are offered a service and support agreement which ensures ongoing development of and updates of our products, as well as the operational support necessary to maintain stable operation.