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Recognition Family

Max Manus offers a number of speech recognition products, the most important members of the family being SpeechDirect and SpeechNote. Both provide users with speech recognition options, i.e. conversion of speech to text. SpeechDirect is used in a closely integrated solution, while SpeechNote is used in a stand-alone solution or partly integrated solution.

A speech recognition solution can be compiled and adapted to suit various customer needs on the basis of the products which we offer below.

Speech recognition integrated seamlessly into case notes – SpeechDirect
SpeechDirect is seamlessly integrated with case notes so that users can complete all text fields and navigate around case notes simply by using their voices. As a result, this function can replace both the computer mouse and the keyboard, as SpeechDirect directly translates speech to text at the point where the cursor is located.

Integrator makes it possible to integrate speech recognition with a clinical system with a minimum of effort. Integrator is currently used in a range of clinical systems throughout Scandinavia. This solution makes it easy to prepare any application for both voice control and speech recognition. Integrator allows you to navigate through the user interface using your voice and produce text with ease using the speech recognition function anywhere in your user interface.

Speech recognition in a separate window – SpeechNote
SpeechNote is a speech recognition program used in a stand-alone solution or by means of simple integration. This program is integrated with ease via a separate NoteAPI and offers advanced functionality and workflow in speech recognition solutions integrated with EPJ systems.
If you do not need integration, this product can give you everything you need in an independent package. You can use SpeechNote to format and correct your dictated text simply by using your voice. The dictated text is transferred automatically to a dictation window, from which it can be inserted in other applications.

Navigate with your voice – SpeechNavigator
SpeechNavigator gives you the option of navigating through your software simply using your voice.

SpeechNavigator therefore allows you to use speech recognition in structured case notes, where documentation fields are normally designed as fields to be filled in. This means that the user can control all kinds of menus, buttons, drop-down menus, date fields, etc. simply by using voice commands.

There is considerably less need for a mouse and keyboard, because you can use your voice to create text and navigate through the case notes. SpeechNavigator can easily be activated by means of a partner integration.



Add new words or train expressions using SpeechTrainer
SpeechTrainer is now available as an optional extra. This new solution gives doctors the opportunity to add words to and delete them from their own personal dictionaries, as well as training specific terms misunderstood by the system. This results in an immediate improvement in recognition for the doctor in question. The solution acts as a supplement to the existing dictionary. Click here to view a video showing how SpeechTrainer can be used.

Standard texts – SpeechPhrases
SpeechPhrases allow you to group predefined text templates with voice control by department, by clinic and by preference. You can use a simple voice command to insert these texts in the document you are working with. Users can also create their own private SpeechPhrases. Customers which establish standardised templates stand to benefit from major savings in terms of document production.

NoteRecognition is a utility which optimises the workflow by offering secretaries speech recognition of dictations. At the same time, the doctor's profile is trained to make it ready for speech recognition.

NoteRecognition is an add-on to AudioNote and SpeechNote, and can – for example – be used for a short time in order to train a doctor's profile, to relieve the burden on a doctor with review of the text, or to relieve the burden on a secretary.

Our solutions are made up of a custom server and client platform.
This platform defines which products and features are available, as well as defining how the solution is scaled and distributed.

The platform is installed on-premise in the customer's infrastructure or via our Max Manus "Cloud" hosted solution. With a Cloud solution, Max Manus will handle your day-to-day operation and maintenance, backup, dictionary and support.