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Customer Quotes:

“With speech recognition doctors are more or less obliged to finalize documents immediately. The availability of documents creates a lean workflow with a number of benefits, especially a reduction in bottlenecks that again and again had previously led to delays in patient care.”
Kenneth Jørgensen, Facility manager, Sygehus Lillebælt, Denmark

”The biggest advantage with Speech Recognition is, that what we dictate isinstantly available to others. This means that the patient can be transferred directly from my consultation to any other place in the hospital, and they will have fully updated information on that particular patient. This creates a leaner workflow and results in a faster and more efficient treatment for the patient.”
Dr. Per Kjærsgaard-Andersen, Sygehus Lillebælt

“I think that Speech Recognition is a really efficient technology, which saves a lot of time in my working routines. Before implementing the technology, we frequently experienced transcription bottlenecks, resulting in heaps of unwritten patient notes – these are now gone and the patient journal are always up-to-date.”
Dr. Per Wagner Kristensen, Sygehus Lillebælt

“We are not experiencing latency any more. Almost all discharge reports areimmediately available. My documents are more accurate now, as I understood how the system thinks, which made it easier for me to generate reports of high consistent quality.”
Dr. Ørnulf Paulsen, Telemark Hospital

“Speech recognition has made the updating of patient information much faster. In the past, we had hundreds of unwritten outpatient notes; now there are none.”
Dr. Aud E. Stenehjem at Ullevål University Hospital

“I have been using speech recognition for more than a year now, both at the hospital and in general practice, and have noticed that I save a lot of time managing my patient records, time I can use to the benefit of my patients. Speech recognition streamlines clinical documentation and reduces management time for all documentation. I can absolutely recommend it to all my colleagues who want to leave the office on time at the end of the day.”
Yasir A Choudhry, GP at Fjell Medical Centre in Drammen

“The introduction of speech recognition has revolutionised my day-to-day work as a GP in many ways. I feel I can make a good job of documenting my examinations. Referrals to psychiatry or other categories which require longer investigations are no longer such hard work. I have streamlined my working day as a result. I have all my documentation and paperwork finished by the end of the day. Nor do I have any major problems with words being interpreted incorrectly. Obviously you have to proofread the result, but this does not take long. I can recommend this to all my colleagues who suffer from back/neck/shoulder pain or who think it takes a long time to complete the necessary documentation.”
Marius Christensen, local doctor in the municipality of Tjeldsund

Arne Bredvei is extremely satisfied with speech recognition, but adds that it requires a bit of concentration and work to begin with. “Speech recognition has made my day-to-day work a lot easier and I can’t imagine going back to the usual way of writing up records. I can confidently recommend speech recognition to other doctors.”
Arne Bredvei, GP at Pyramiden Medical Centre in Larvik

“Speech recognition is the only IT solution I have introduced in the course of 20 years which has resulted in measurable cost savings. This is the first time we can say that a new technology generates savings in terms of employees and costs. Pre-formatted texts which only have to be completed with speech recognition make document creation even easier for our doctors. I am convinced that 50% of Norwegian hospitals will be using speech recognition on a regular basis within two years. General practitioners in particular are very satisfied. Some of them are completely astonished at how quickly the documentation is now available.”
Per Urdahl, Manager of the Medical Department. STHF/Telemark Hospital              

“It saves me a lot of time. Now that we have had speech recognition installed, all of us enjoy our work more.”
Ole Rødland, Bergen Hudlegeklinikk